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Hoher Warlock

Dabei seit: Juli 2016
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<p>phenomenon, this way, tea tray can not be used, and this will be a good wooden to avoid The occurrence of these circumstances, this is the characteristics and advantages. Second reason, craft. It is understood that most of the wooden tea tray has a stylish process, such as in the tea tray on the carving, Obscure of the process design, etc., or has a combination of painting and so on, so, Wooden tea tray technology and art effects are very good to show, so that, and monotonous glass material compared to the tray, the wood is more stylish, more powerful. Third, how to maintain wooden tea to understand the characteristics of wood. (Dry millennium, wet millennium, do not dry for half a </p>
<p>year) means that long-term dry, or long-term immersion in the water are no problem. But the water content often changes, its life is very short. The survival and reproduction of fungi in the wood must be accompanied by three conditions, namely, proper moisture, air and temperature. But the moisture content of wood in 35% to 50%, the temperature of 25 ~ 30 &#65533;&#65533;, there is a certain amount of wood in the air, the most suitable rot fungi breeding, the most </p>
<p>easy to decay the wood. The wood is completely immersed in the water, due to lack of air and not easy to decay; wood completely dry, but also because of lack of water and not easy to rot. On the contrary, in the dry and wet environment, while satisfying the rotten fungi breeding of the three conditions, the wood will soon decay. Do not start with the break. On the wooden tea is good, and how to maintain wooden tea, Xiao Bian today introduced here. For </p>
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