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Dabei seit: Februar 2017
Beiträge: 1513
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particieboard, density board considers wooden employment limited company, in producing a course, release a large number of formaldehyde, 2016 the bottom is recycled plastic lumber machinery punished paragraph and stop production rectify and reform penalty, this company on Feburary 22, 2017 production of start working of do sth without authorization, already was sent to the judiciary to undertake investigating. In Feburary 2017, beijing border continent

timber industry limitedpampanga deck for sale company breaks the law to be punished 35 thousand yuan because of environmental protection; Fall into disuse or what course to follow of company of transition timber estate Face grim with each passing day environmental protection situation, have not only in wooden industry industry in environmental protection agitation by " fall into disuse " " small places to buy composite railing messy corrupt " enterprise, also have wear what

hand transition upgrades when environmental protection storm comes quite far-sighted enterprise. Be like industry of Shandong He Ze Maocheng timber, make the same score building supplies carrick decking boards continuously pressure all pledge particieboard project is formal complete put into production, this project was introduced current domestic and international the most advanced all pledge successive press product line mixes particieboard engineering

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